If you would like to submit a Request For Quotation, please send your part file, mould specification and/or processing information and desired response date to the attention of our Quotation Department via one of the following methods:

All RFQ files should be sent as attachment to info@seaskymould.com. We advice to send Win zipped files of less than 10MB via e-mail.
For files larger than 10 MB.

The RFQ files should be sent as attachment to seasky-mould@vip.163.com.

Web site
We could visit your Web site on your authorization, to get RFQ files.
FTP site
UPLOAD your file to our FTP Site. Please send an e-mail or call to notify us so that we can provide you with login instructions and details.
By mail
Send samples, CD Disk or Hard copy drawings directly to us with the following address:
Marketing Department
Seasky Mould Industrial Limited
Address: Unit 2105,21/F, Huaguoshan Building, Park Road, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Postal code: 518067
Tel: 0086-755-26869026
File Format:
2D file: .dwg /.dxf /.pdf
3D file: .igs / .step / .x_t / .prt
Thank you for the opportunity to offer a quotation. Please be assured that we will respond promptly.
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