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Our in-house design, tooling and custom molding services add values in a variety of dimensions. We have experts in part design and development that can provide assistance to your next program. From concept through tooling to actual injection molding of the finished part, we can ensure the fastest and most cost-effective route for you to market.

We own a batch of skilled designers who are proficient in the design software such as UG,Pro-E, Solidworks etc.. We can really express the design purpose of our customer from design idea to the form of products concept, then to one time molding of metaphase construction assembly.

The product construct design is the important process to active the function of the new model. The design is not only meet a demand for the product's style, but think about the post treatment from the tooling to the finishing such as assembly, painting, spraying oil, tooling design and manufacture, etc. All the designs are finished on the computer and the designs are validate finally through RPM rapid prototyping technology. Make your new product share and hit the market quickly in a shortly development cycle. We can offer a shorter lead-time to put your product to the market ahead of the top companies. We own the most advanced 3D structure design software such as PRO/E, UG, SOLIDWORK etc. so we can use all the digital controlling from design to fitting check interposition, correct the mold design to save the time of repeat work in developing.

Our engineers collaborate closely with our customers on all aspects of the programs so as to develop the best designed molds that are easy to maintain and plastic components that are cost-effective to produce.

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